The Original 6 Robots From 1998 - 2006
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Don Jones Original 6 Robot Sculptures
Left To Right  
Rover Canine Robot Rover Canine Robot Sculpture is my first animal robot. His tail rotates and the eyes are illuminated. Rover is 18 inches tall.
Baseball Bob Baseball Bob Robot Sculpture is the athlete in the group. His legs are aluminum baseball bats and his body is an old vacuum cleaner and a photo enlarger. Bob is also armed with a glove, catchers vest and ball bazooka. Bob is 7 foot tall.
Tin Man Tin Man Robot Sculpture was the first member of The Original 6. This fun robot sculpture is detailed with lighted eyes, gauges, chest plate lights and adjustable arms.Tin Man was built to resemble an early 1950's tin robot toy with a stiff funky appearance. Tin Man stands 6 foot high.
Fembot The Fembot Robot Sculpture is the matriarch of the robot clan. This elegant robot stands 7 foot tall with illuminated eyes and graceful pose.
Banner Bob Banner Bob Robot Sculpture is the advertiser in the group. His arms move back and forth and his hands can hold a banner or sign. His eyes are illuminated and his antenna are adjustable. Bob is 6 foot tall.
Maintenance Matt The worker in the group, the Maintenance Matt Robot Sculpture always comes
equipped with hard hat, 2 oil cans, microphone, fire extinguisher and wrenches
mounted to his left hand. Matt's eyes and mouth are illuminated allowing him to shine on his work area. Matt stands 4 foot tall.




Above are what I call The Original 6. They are more fabrication than assemblage pieces and were
built for display rather than for sale. Over the past 13 years, the 6 have been displayed in many
locations such as The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh, The Carnegie Science Center, PPG Place, The
3 Rivers Arts Festival, Planet Art Gallery and 5th Avenue with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.