Born in Pittsburgh, Don always enjoyed creating his sculptures. At age 5, his father started teaching him gas and arc welding, brazing, wood working and basic shop principles. His training combined with a profound love for art, nature and science fiction, inspired him to create a large variety of sculptures.
After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Don worked 20 years as a production artist-art director where he was responsible for designing displays, brochures, catalogs, instruction manuals, corporate identity material, packaging, billboards and ads

Following his advertising career, Don continued with his sculptures. which originally included corporate commissions, art furniture, contemporary, indoor outdoor pieces and robot assemblage sculptures. Now under the Jones Robo-Works banner. his creations are only robot sculptures which can be found and purchased from several galleries, Etsy , shows and various markets. 

The Original 6 Robots From 1998 - 2006
The Original 6 Jones Robo-Works robots